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Austin’s pool cleaning was established 2014.  Austin’s pool cleaning service takes pride in making each customer feel special we take have learned over the years how to use advanced software and chemical balancing techniques that are proving to provide each pool service customer the best of any pool company in the industry. Austin”s pool service has created more locations, one in Boynton Beach, one in West Palm Beach and our Wellington location. Our Wellington office location is near southern and 441. Our weekly pool service cleaning process consist of brushing the walls, scrubbing the water line tile, cleaning the filter cartridge and vacuuming the floor. We also have a dry chemical system the allows the chemical level to remain consistent though out the week. Call us any day for a free quote if you call before 2pm we can be out to see you the same day. We here At Austin’s pool us modern technology and innovative methods to provide sensational pool cleaning service.

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Weekly Chemical Balancing includes

Testing the water for Cyanic Acid, Calcium Hardness, Total Alkalinity, Ph and Free Chlorine. After testing the water our technicians will use a water balancing App to calculate the exact amount of each chemical needed. They will then add the appropriate amounts. This is done weekly.

Filter Monitoring

Filter monitoring is done on a bi-weekly basis. We use three factors to monitor the filter’s condition. Upon visual inspection we make sure that the bands are intact, we note the pressure that is displayed on the pressure gauge and make sure it does not exceed 15 PSI. We then check the weight of the filter to determine if all the pores of the filter are already filled.

Proper Flow

Proper flow is one of the most important aspects of keeping a pool blue and clear. The pool system is designed to flow every gallon of pool water through the filter and pump 1.5 times during its daily run cycle which is most commonly 6 to 8 hours a day. If you come across a situation that causes you to believe the pool is not flowing or filtrating properly the first item to check is the filter. If  the filter is not cleaned properly or frequently enough it will block flow and cause issues for your pool system.

Surface Skimming

Surface skimming is normally done with a net and pole during each weekly pool service visit. The pool itself does have a skimmer function that is designed to also skim the surface of the pool. It is called a skimmer and  it is designed so the pump sucks water from the surface collecting leaves and debris in the pump basket to be removed during the weekly visit.

Run Cycles

A standard run cycle is 6 to 8 hours. This allows for every gallon of water in the pool to flow and filtrate through the pump and filter during each daily cycle. The number of hours should be increased for summer operations. The hotter weather allows for algae to grow at a much faster rate. The extended run times help prevent this algae growth.

Variable Speed Pumps

Variable speed pumps are the most modern and energy efficient way to keep your pool flowing. Almost all new construction since 2014  will have a variable speed pump. There is tremendous energy savings as well as other features that allow a variable speed pump to protect itself from motor overheating.

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